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Drug Tolerance - Healing House

15 Dec

In this part we will try to understand why addicts keep on increasing drug frequency, amount and overdose.

As we discussed previously when drugs/psycho active substances are used the dopamine released by reward center is up to ten times the normal maximum reward limit. This gives user intense sense of pleasure, euphoria and false sense of wellbeing. So the user/person keeps on repeating these actions to achieve this pleasurable state.

This result in continuous high dopamine levels in brain. To overcome constant high dopamine level the brain makes adjustments for example the receptors for dopamine decrease and it is removed from the brain more quickly. What happens now is the same dose of drug does not produce same results rather pleasure is drastically reduced. This is the stage where person develops tolerance for the drug.

Now to achieve the same feeling of high, the addicts keep on increasing the dose and frequency of drug intake. When dose is high enough side effects begin to appear. In severe cases this increased dose is the same that may cause severe exhaustion, respiratory depression, comma and may lead to lethal outcome.

Dr. Hammad Firdous

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